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Terms of Foyht Membership

Membership of Foyht
  1. Foyht determines the different levels of membership and outlines the rights and responsibilities associated with each level.
  2. Foyht has the authority to establish new membership tiers, adjust existing ones, or remove them as it deems necessary.
  3. The requirements for joining any membership tier are set by Foyht and may change periodically.
  4. Membership applications are submitted to Foyht, which retains the right to accept or reject them without providing specific reasons for refusal.
  5. Individuals with a criminal record deemed unsuitable by Foyht will not be eligible for membership.
  6. Members must promptly inform Foyht if they become the subject of a police investigation or are convicted of a crime.
  7. Membership fees, including those covering insurance, must be paid annually in advance. The amounts and due dates for payment may be adjusted from time to time.
  8. By becoming a member, individuals agree to follow the Membership Terms and Conditions, including the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, as well as any updates communicated through the organisation’s website or other official channels.
Disqualification and Removal of Members
  1. An individual can resign from membership at any time.
  2. An individual will automatically lose their membership and associated rights without notification if the member:
    1. is convicted of a criminal offense (other than a motoring offense); or
    2. fails to pay their membership fees by the due date.
  3. An applicant may be refused membership for any reason but notably
    1. if they have been convicted of a criminal offense (other than a motoring offense); or
    2. if they fail to pay their membership fees by the due date.
  4. Foyht reserves the right to remove an individual from membership at any time, on a temporary or permanent basis, and will notify the individual in writing. Foyht is not obliged to provide reasons for the removal, but grounds may include:
    1. Investigation by law enforcement or regulatory authorities for criminal offenses.
    2. Providing false, misleading, or incomplete information
    3. Acting in a manner contrary to the Membership Terms and Conditions, including the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.
    4. Engaging in behaviour detrimental to Foyht’s interests or reputation.
  5. Each member is encouraged to report any inappropriate behaviour or conduct by any other member to the Foyht membership manager.
  6. Foyht may, following investigation and where appropriate, reinstate an individual whose membership was suspended or terminated.
  7. An individual who resigns or ceases to be a member must refrain from identifying themselves as a Foyht member or implying any association with Foyht.
  8. Membership fees paid in advance to Foyht are non-refundable upon leaving membership as Foyht will have paid for most of those benefits annually in advance.
  9. Foyht Members agree to properly look after the personal data belonging to their clients, patients and students to comply with the current regulations.
Data Protection Member data will be handled according to Foyht’s Privacy Policy.

Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

  1. The paramount consideration of all members at all times is safety:
    • Safety of Clients
    • Safety of General Public
    • Safety of Members
    • Safety of Students
  2. Members must ensure reasonable steps are taken to create a safe environment for all activities. These activities should follow relevant regulations or best practices, especially when there are no specific regulations. They must also be appropriate for the age, experience and abilities of the participants.
  1. Members are required to consistently uphold the rights, dignity, and value of every individual, treating everyone with fairness and respect in all interactions.
  2. Members must follow Foyht’s Standards of Practice, which can be found on the Foyht website. Foyht does not tolerate harassment or discrimination based on sex, race, colour, nationality, national or ethnic origin, marital status, sexual orientation, age, disability, political or religious belief.
  3. When acting in a professional capacity, members must maintain the highest standards of behaviour and appearance and adhere to all Foyht policies.
  4. Members often gather personal information about their students or clients during their working relationship. Both parties must agree on what information is considered confidential and cannot be shared with a third party without the student’s or client’s express approval. However, confidentiality does not prevent the disclosure of information if the member is alleged to breach this Code of Ethics.
  5. Members’ advertising regarding qualifications or services should be truthful and professionally restrained. It should not imply affiliation with an organisation in a way that falsely suggests sponsorship or accreditation by that organisation.
  6. Members should avoid publicly criticising fellow members. Differences of opinion should be addressed personally, and more serious disputes should be referred to Foyht.
  7. Members should not engage in actions that go against the interests of Foyht or their students/clients, or that could damage Foyht’s reputation.
  8. Members should regularly seek opportunities to enhance their professional development and self-awareness. They should welcome feedback from their students/clients and be able to explain their actions to them.
  9. Members must only operate within the scope of their qualifications.
  10. Members must ensure they have adequate Public & Malpractice Liability insurance (and Employers Liability Insurance where appropriate). Fully paid-up members are only insured when acting within their qualifications; if a member acts outside of the remit of their qualifications, they may not be covered by their insurance.