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Foyht is an independent association comprising some six thousand members, created to compliment a wide range of holistic therapists and healthcare professionals, who practice 1,600 modalities in 31 countries.

We are committed to provide a large and active network of members that is of value to teachers, therapists, practitioners, and the general public.

We offer three levels of membership to cater for your professional needs:

Connect’ is the first level of membership that provides you with free membership, and includes the benefits of being able to publicly list on the members’ global directory, as well as enabling access to our Health & Wellbeing Magazine.

Support’ is the next level of membership, which offers you the same benefits of connecting to a global network as ‘connect’ members, but adds other important benefits to help support your practice in a holistic way – a 24/7 legal advice and support service, data security, and a choice of platforms to support your business needs. There are also discounted products available.

Protect’ is the highest level of membership that adds bespoke public liability and professional malpractice insurance to all the other benefits, providing wide cover for your holistic business needs.




Register on the Directory only

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£49 / €59

Foyht Membership (including registration on the directory)

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From £96 / €106*

Foyht Membership with Insurance (including registration on the directory)

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* Membership fee is based on your activity, therapies and disciplines you wish to receive insurance cover for

Our Global Directory

Business and Events Directory

The Directory is a way for you to promote your health & wellbeing business to the public as well as any classes, retreats, workshops you may be planning and connect with fellow health & wellbeing professionals in your area.

We would like to invite you to promote your business and events on the directory.

Visit How to Use the Directory and follow the instructions on how to create and publish your business/events entry.

If you need any help please contact:

Health & Wellbeing Magazine

We publish a wide range of articles covering health and wellbeing, from the benefits of yoga, how Rapid Transformation Therapy can help you, tips on improving your nutrition, the wonders of forest bathing, manual therapies plus many other therapies and practices that benefit the mind, body and soul of our readers.

Our aims:

  • Publish articles written by teachers, therapists and practitioners who are Foyht members
  • Help promote your business
  • Discuss any ideas you may have about an article for the magazine
  • Open up the world of health and wellbeing to our readers. Publish articles that support the journey towards mental, physical and spiritual health and wellbeing for our readers via a wide range of manual, spiritual and holistic modalities

Our ambition is to shine a light on the fantastic range of therapies and modalities available through our relationships with practitioners, bringing the hope and positivity of self-care and self-healing to the wider public.

This is our way of offering a helping hand to small businesses whilst spreading the word about the amazing therapies available.
If you would like to write an article for publication in our Health & Wellbeing Online Magazine please contact:

Holly at


Q How can I renew my membership?
A You will receive an email notification from us 30 days before your renewal date providing instructions on how to renew your membership.

Q How do I reinstate my membership?
A If your membership has expired please complete our online application form to reinstate it.

Q Do I need to become a Foyht member to purchase insurance through
A Yes. As a member of Foyht you have access to our preferential insurance arranged by

Q Can I pay for my membership/insurance monthly?
A At present Foyht does not offer an instalment facility.

Q Is membership worldwide?
A Membership is open to people of every country in the world (other than those with sanctions). The Insurance element of membership is available to those resident in or working across the UK, the EU/European Economic Area (EEA) and South Africa.

Q Am I insured to work online?
A Yes, you are insured to work ‘on line’ on a World-Wide basis, including the USA & Canada, providing you are living &/or working within the UK, EU/EEA territories & South Africa at the time. Classes/sessions can be live (the platform used is not an issue) or they can be pre-recorded. If you are using a pre-recorded video for your classes please note that the cover will only extend to injuries sustained during the session.

Media insurance is not included and claims will only be defended within the UK, EU/EEA territories & South Africa.

Q Am I insured to work face-to-face?
A Yes, you are covered by insurance to work ‘face to face’ anywhere in the world other than the USA & Canada.

  • Protect Membership Eligibility
  • In person & Online
  • Online only

  • UK
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Bulgaria
  • Croatia
  • Cyprus
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  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Finland
  • France
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